Based in Paris, MAISON MINUIT is a high-end creative agency, founded in summer 2020 by the mother-daughter duo Nathalie & Anhly COLIN.


Passionate about creativity from fashion to accessories, from beauty to lifestyle, the duo, together with their community of talents, offer Global Design services and genuinely care for projects and collaborations with a positive purpose. The creative agency aims for brands to stand out via distinctive projects & collections with ethics, respectful of people and the environment we live in.


MAISON means ‘home’ in French and justly captures the spirit of the family business. Nathalie & Anhly are united by the same entrepreneurship mindset. They surround themselves with talents and longtime trusted  collaborators with outstanding creativity and expertise.


MINUIT is the founders’ favorite hour, the ultimate tipping point, the time of change between day and night symbolizing an eternal rebirth. Nathalie’s creativity is emphasized by the sunshine, while Anhly’s source of inspiration lies in the nighttime. We often refer to Nathalie & Anhly as SUNSHINE & NIGHTBIRDS, a complementary duo. Midnight, the magnetic hour, cherishes the legacy built during the day to deliver tomorrow’s promises