Partner to international brands and companies wishing to rethink their creative strategies, Maison Minuit captures the essence of nowadays’ ever-evolving times to provide its clientele with a personalized approach to make their brand stand out among competition in a unique way.

As strong advocate for growth with ethics, we prioritize collaborations with brands genuinely caring for the development and well-being of their employees, as well as the ones valuing sustainable business models to make a positive impact in the world we live in.

Consulting focuses on opportunities to strengthen brand distinctiveness and uniqueness through one-of-a-kind collection designs, iconic strategy and overall brand approach, from creative topics to communication projects, with a clear digital signature. 

  • CREATIVE STRATEGY & OUTSOURCED CREATIVE DIRECTION: Audit on creative attributes across touch points, development of a distinctive Creative vision, creation of design guidelines, portfolio structure, assortment optimization, international expansion. We offer an effective operational angle to strategic recommendations.

  • EXCLUSIVE DESIGN & COLLECTIONS: boosting sku efficiency through capsule collections, iconic codes, on trend or classic designs, exclusive collections for dedicated KCP. We ensure that your brand’s DNA and distinctive design language will be alive in our design proposals with a modern signature. We facet your collections to meet the expectations of communities of customers.

  • INSPIRING DIGITAL CAMPAIGN: unique concepts leveraging strong story telling including production, photography and video, as well as collaborations with influencers.

We have a particular expertise in the following categories and sectors: jewelry from fashion to fine/diamond, accessories at large, fashion and beauty/wellbeing.


  • BRAND VISION: you design your future. Sharpen what you want to say, who you want to be, whom you want to appeal to. Do not let fear guide your path. Make choices. Aim high. Dream big.

  • DISTINCTIVENESS: first steps to success is to stand out among competition. It is a priority to make legacy alive and relevant across product designs and communication. Bring out the highlights of your brand personality. Make your designs intentional.

  • CREATIVITY is not the sole apanage of designers, it must be woven across a company culture to foster innovation. Cultivate your own design language.

  • DIGITAL: not just a means of distribution but a platform for rich conversations with your target customers. From inspiring digital campaigns to collaborations, from online exclusive to digital activations, your message is more powerful when co-created.

  • INCLUSION: diversity is part of the DNA of best performing teams offering industry leading profitability. Select carefully talents, no clones of yourself, create inclusive culture, develop individual axes of excellence.

  • COURAGE: often lacking in senior leadership. Stand up proudly for your values and beliefs. Be accountable. Turn a failure into a chance for thrilling re-direction. Be authentic. Speak out. Be bold. Polarizing. Inspiring.

  • CARE: across product development cycles, including upcycling and a sustainable design approach. Give back. Empowered women empowering women. Make a positive difference for the people and the environment we live in. Add positivity and extraordinary where you can.

  • HAPPINESS: work with passion, protect your well-being, share love.