Co-founder and Creative Director

With more than 30 years of experience as Creative Director and Senior Leader in the fashion and jewelry industries, Nathalie has extensively contributed to the modernization of Swarovski, the Austrian crystal jewelry group. 
From 2006 to 2020, in her role of Creative Director, Spokesperson and Management Board Member, she sharpened the brand distinctive design signature and created a visionary team culture celebrating diversity and inclusion. Under her lead, the on-trend jewelry category was born, colorful collections hit the market, iconic figurative motifs were designed, the regional collections found home with more consistency in the overall offer, the watches and eyewear were successfully launched, as well as enlarged accessory offer. Nathalie started her career alongside Marc Jacobs in New York-based Perry Ellis designer brand. She then moved on to brand consulting at the trend forecasting agency Promostyl (Ray Ban, Nike, Boots, Coty, Samsung, Disney…). Following the creation of her agency Cultural Sushi in 1998, Nathalie moved to Beijing, China in 2000, to co-create a womenswear brand for Yimian, a Chinese textile company and continued consulting for music majors (Mercury, UM, Naïve…), worldwide companies (Shiseido, Roland Garros…) while being a regular editor to the Japanese magazine VOCE.

"I am thrilled to pursue my career as Creative Director, a job I am passionate about, by consulting international brands in fashion or fine jewelry, accessories, Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Bringing my expertise into collaborations with brands having meaningful purposes, I want to unveil new ways of creating through cross-generations conversations in a modern working environment. I believe that brands’ future success lies within their distinctiveness and their ability to reinvent themselves with authenticity while resonating with Gen Zers influential views."



Co-founder and CEO

Driven by passion and ambition, Anhly aspires to become a change actor in the fashion industry. Her ever-evolving journey, as a Politics student with a Minor in Geography, combined with her entrepreneurial skills, provides her with the multi-dimensional knowledge needed to provide sustainable and ethical inputs through carefully designed strategic-decision making. As a Franco-Vietnamese woman, she also embraces her positive-thinking mindset and creative sensitivity, which finds its endless source within diverse environments. Anhly already got a glimpse into Fashion, in particular through an internship at Conde Nast / Vogue exploring the dynamics of fashion trends and through activities as a model for beauty and fashion brands. By leading the creative direction and production of various events (fashion shows, concerts…), Anhly has not only developed her entrepreneurial mindset but also gained experience within communication, event planning and project management.

"As a 19-year-old ambitious and hard-working woman, I am truly excited to take on this challenge, while simultaneously continuing my Politics studies at King’s College London and Sciences Po Paris. Being surrounded by a team of brilliant talents coming from all around the world inspires me daily, and allows me to further explore my leadership and creative talents. Working alongside my mother, I expect to shed light on innovative and sustainable perspectives reflecting the expectations of my generation.”


Enthusiastic and collaborative by nature, Nathalie and Anhly have built an eclectic network of talents around them, coming from complementary expertise, who all have an inner understanding of the required image-commercial balance for brands to succeed, and common strong ethical values. A modern spirit and an optimistic perspective is uniting them all.


Art Director 

Tinou is taking the lead for brand visual identity projects. Parisian designer and illustrator, Tinou is acclaimed by both the American and French artistic and publishing communities, as well as by brands and institutions across the world for which she has been creating impactful creative concepts, colorful campaigns and original artworks : Château de Versailles, The Ritz, Veuve Clicquot, Le Bon Marché, Klorane,, Amnesty International, the New Yorker, United Airlines, Vogue, Glow, Prado Museum..).  With more than 30 years of experience Tinou has a unique signature very appealing to the luxury sector (Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Boucheron, Tag Heuer..). We are thrilled that the visual identity of MAISON MINUIT has been created by her. Tinou beautifully captured Nathalie and Anhly’s goal to create a modern logo, using graphic letterings and the powerful color duo of Midnight Blue and Black. Tinou has been Nathalie’s longtime friend and collaborator, for over 30 years, and it is a real pleasure for both of them to further build on their aligned vision enabling efficient and enjoyable working mode. 


The Maison Minuit family believes in the power of inclusivity, which translates through the diversity of its worldwide representatives. To connect locally, please contact us at contact@maisonminuitparis.com